Weigh-In Update for 05-04-09

We are four months into our weight loss challenge and with 2 months left, cialis we had a weigh-in update. As it currently stands:

1. Baby Huey weighs 279 lbs (-21.5 lbs)
2. Tonelli weighs 195 lbs (-13 lbs)
3. Lamont weighs 247.5 lbs (-7 lbs)
4. Sully weighs 213 (-1 lbs)

Check out the video below of the weigh-ins:

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Lars Ulrich from Metallica!

larsulrich01Lars Ulrich from Metallica called into the show today to give us an update on their tour and how much fun he has taking his kids to school.

By the way more tickets are now available for their big Bay Area homecoming concert, sales December 12th, at the HP Pavilion in San Jose.

Tickets can be purchased at www.apeconcerts.com or click here.

Missed the interview? Click here to hear it.

Check out their website: www.metallica.com

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Nice Hat

Just read it!


Lamont and Tonelli salute a local hero!

San Jose (Reuters) – A 12-year old boy is being hailed as a hero for his actions in a San Jose restaurant yesterday afternoon.

The boy was dining with his parents at the up-scale ‘Loft Bar & Bistro’ on Second St., prescription when a man began to choke on a piece of steak he was eating. The man’s face began to turn red as he pointed frantically at his hockey jersey.

Luckily for the man, 12-year old Steven Cooper knew what to do.

“I saw the man point to his Sharks jersey” recalled Steven. “I knew from past years that around late April anyone wearing a San Jose Sharks jersey is prone to choking, so I suspected he was in trouble.”

The boy proceeded to run across the restaurant and administer the Heimlich maneuver.

“That boy saved my life.” Said the man, wishing not to be identified. “This Sharks jersey is better than a giant sign that says ‘help me I am choking in late April.’”.

Several Sharks players, who were getting a pre-game drink, witnessed the event. Patrick Marleau, the Sharks captain, had a front row seat for the heroism.

“This kid came from nowhere, what a hero.” Marleau stated. “I wish I could prevent choking like that,” H e added.
Sharks goaltender Evgeni Nabakov was also in attendance.

“That child, so brave!” Said the goalie as he mishandled his butter knife, dropping a dinner roll that hit the ground and rolled slowly between his feet as he attempted to stop it. “Darn, that always happens to me”.

Cooper’s parents said they raised the boy as a Sharks fan, and that may have been the best decision they ever made. “Only a boy used to so much choking would have been able to save that man, and little Stevie has been around choking his entire life."

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Hold on for your life!

Click here to see the video of a truck driver hanging on for dear life on the back of his own stolen truck.


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Oops! Brtiney left it out again!

Check out the video below, medicine watch closely...it looks like Britney Spears forgot to tuck away her feminine product!

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I left my hair in Oakland?!

Check out this video of Britney Spears from her concert in Oakland the other night. At the 15 second mark in the video watch as her backup dancer accidentally lays his hand into her hair and pulls out her hair extensions.

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New Green Day music video!

Check out the brand new Green Day music video for their single: "Know Your Enemy." Below that is a video of their TV commercial promoting their new album "21st Century Breakdown, clinic " which comes out May 15th. Enjoy! www.greenday.com

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I have a headache!

Police believe Chinese migrant Anthony Liu, troche 27, had his hands and feet bound with electrical cord before being shot in the head with 34 nails from close range. Two children found the divorcee’s decomposed body wrapped in a rug and floating in a river near Sydney. Cops released the photo as they made a fresh appeal for information.


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Congrats Roy!

Congrats to Roy Timmerman of Mountain View, thumb he won a stay at the Luxor in Las Vegas (which included two nights in a suite and tickets to see Criss Angel).

Do you plan on going to Las Vegas in the near future? Looking for some cheap rates? Then stay at the Luxor!

We are good friends with one of the big honchos at the Luxor, Paul Garcia, Jr.

Email him at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell him you are buddies with Lamont and Tonelli and want a killer deal.

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