Worst first pitches!

Since Lamont is throwing out the first pitch this Saturday at the Oakland Athletics game, we hope Lamont doesn't screw up like these people did below:


New Green Day music video!

Baby Huey's favorite band Green Day has a new music video for their new single "21 Guns," check it out below.

Check out their website: www.greenday.com

Check out Green Day on myspace: www.myspace.com/greenday

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Debi Gutierrez!

debigutierrez01 One of our favorite comedians Debi Gutierrez stopped by the show this morning.

Click here to listen to her interview.

Check out the video below of her appearance.

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Sully in the news!

Check out this picture from the San Jose Mercury News of Gavin Newsome...check out Sully standing next to him. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome was speaking at the San Francisco Firefighters rally outside City Hall on Tuesday.

Go to www.saveourfirehouses.com for info on how you can help prevent the closure of the San Francisco Firehouses.


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A Walk In The Park!

It is a Do You A Favor Thursday, ambulance lets help Michele Price, she has two weeks left to find some sponsors for her event "Walk In The Park."

All you have to do is go into www.walkintheparks.org and pick Discovery Kingdom. From there you click on the sponsor walker tab and you can either sponsor a participant or a team. Our team is "The Boneheads". Our goal is to reach $600.00, however one of the team members made her personal goal of $1000.00!

Click here to see the sponsorship page.

Team "Boneheads," will be wearing 107.7 The Bone t-shirts during the walk.

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Lamont & Tonelli speak at SF Firefighters Rally

Check out Lamont and Tonelli speaking yesterday out front of San Francisco City Hall at the San Francisco Firefighters rally in protest of the Board of Supervisors who are trying to cut the jobs of many firefighters and police officers. Click here for more on the story.

Go to www.saveourfirehouses.com for info on how you can help the San Francisco Firefighters.

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What's better than a camel toe? A Fox-Toe! Check out Megan Fox walking around at the airport in some very tight sweat pants showing off her goods!


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Bone Bash X!

bbxposter01We are excited to announce the lineup for Bone Bash X and this will be the biggest one to date!

Bone Bash X - featuring Aerosmith and ZZ Top
Wednesday, health August 19, 2009
Sleep Train Pavilion in Concord

Tickets are on-sale right now at:  www.livenation.com

Click on the flyer for details.

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Chickenfoot has a new music video!

Our good friend Sammy Hagar and his current band Chickenfoot (along with Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith) have a new music video for their song "Oh Yeah." Below that is a highlight video of some of the songs from the new album out now.

Check out Chickenfoot's website: www.chickenfoot.us

Check out Chickenfoot on myspace: www.myspace.com/thechickenfoot

Check out Chickenfoot on Facebook.

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Joel McHale

joelmchale01Joel McHale, star of "The Soup" on E!, called into the show today! You can also catch him Thursdays this fall on NBC's new show "Community" as well as starring opposite Matt Damon in "The Informant." Click here to listen to the interview.

Check out Joel McHale's website: www.joelmchale.com

Check out Joel McHale's myspace page: www.myspace.com/joelmchale

Check out Joel McHale on Facebook.

Follow Joel McHale on Twitter: www.twitter.com/joelmchale

Check out Joel McHale's recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.

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