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Florida Man Somehow Survives After 7,000-Pound Pipe Crushes Van

Oh, and the dude’s name is Jesus. That’s right, folks. A man named Jesus Armando Escobar was driving down a Florida highway when something that no one expects to happen, happened. I’m talking about Final Destination stuff: a truck carrying scrap metal lost control, hit a guardrail, flipped over and a massive pipe fell off the truck only to land on Escobar’s car, completely smashing it. But Escobar survived even after the aftermath: The 36-year-old walked away with minor injuries even though the pipe fell on the driver’s seat of his van. It’s pretty obvious that it wasn’t his time to go quite yet. As for the driver, 33-year-old Antonio Santiago Wharton, he also suffered minor injuries and was ticked for careless driving.



If you thought Steve-O was wild in "Jackass," then strap in for his new project that supposedly puts Johnny Knoxville's stunts to shame with things like human snow angels doused in burning rocket engine fuel.

Steve-O posted a video Thursday in which he's covered in boils from what look like 1st or maybe even 2nd degree burns from the "fire angels" stunt. He won't show us the stunt just the aftermath. It's part of a new comedy special Steve O's doing with "Jackass" director Jeff Tremaine.

No word on a release date yet, but this sounds epic and painful.


Sammy Sosa

Check out Sammy Sosa's new look.

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Donald Trump

President Donald Trump's saga of awkward handshakes continues. On Friday, right before he left France, Trump said goodbye to France's President Emmanuel Macron, with the two grabbing and holding hands for a very long handshake. The entire handshake lasted about 25 seconds and even included Trump grabbing the hand of the First Lady of France, Brigitte Macron, for a weird three-way handshake.


Galore Bofando

On Sunday, Galore Bofando made an Octagon debut as spectacular as his name with a first-round KO of Charlie Ward that has to be seen to be believed.

The best way to describe it is a "faceplant throw followed by ground-and-pound," but fans and media will be struggling to pinpoint exactly what happened here for a while. As hard as these guys punch and kick, it looks like the mat was the heaviest hitter this time around.

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