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Bunny Ranch

The famous Bunny Ranch brothel, from HBO's "Cathouse" had a brush with death when a guy slammed a semitruck right through the front door, in full view of surveillance cams. The scary incident went down around 4am Thursday, and the video shows the 18-wheeler first slam through the front gate at full speed, then plow through the Ranch's front door. Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof tells us the man was wearing full body armor, including a mask and helmet. It's unknown why he targeted the brothel. Hof says he doesn't recognize the guy as a previous customer. The Lyon County Sheriff's Dept tells us the driver is in custody, and they believe he's a disgruntled employee of the trucking company. Although the brothel was open at the time, no one inside was hurt. The driver has been identified as Brian Brandt. Brandt has been charged with 2 counts of assault with deadly weapon, as well as destroying property and possession of stolen property valued at $3500 or more, all felonies. His bail is set at $95k. Even with the massive hole, the Ranch will be wide open for biz. Hof says they'll serve free drinks for the inconvenience. Cops are still searching the truck, which Hof says is full of Amazon packages. Looks like some Prime customers are gonna be pissed, along with some hookers.

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Thank you to The Scarlet Taint who was our special guest star from Baywatch at our advance screening party yesterday, unfortunately every scene he filmed for the movie was cut out. Go see Baywatch when it hits theaters on May 25th.


Roger Waters

Roger Waters brings his US + Them tour, featuring songs from Pink Floyd, to the Oracle Arena in Oakland on Saturday, June 10th.

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Sea Lion Yanks Girl Into The Water

In a video now gone viral, a young girl feeding a sea lion on a dock in Steveston Harbour in Richmond, British Columbia was yanked into the murky water by the massive marine mammal, estimated at 1200 pounds. The girl was with her family on the dock, feeding the sea lion, when it came up and gave a little nip. The girl continued to feed the animal, but then it lunged up and grabbed the girl by her dress and pulled her into the water and within a half of a second, some old guy jumps right into the water to save the girl. He rescues the girl, but does he get a “thank you” from the girl’s family? Nope, they just usher her away. Have some gratitude that your young daughter wasn’t served as sea lion lunch.


Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons

Tuesday, October 3rd at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View.

The ticket pre-sale is today from 10am to 10pm.

Use the code word: soundcheck

Tickets go on sale Friday, May 19th at 10am.

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