Lamont's Music Notes For March 2nd

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On March 2nd, 1973 marked the release of my favorite Doobie Brothers Album, The Captain and Me. The Captain and Me. It was the 3rd Doobie Brother studio album and was a Mega-album for the band. It was the 7th biggest album of 1973, and a record that went double platinum for the band. The album was fueled by 2 hit singles, “China Grove” and “Long Train Runnin’”.



Side One

"Natural Thing" (Johnston) – 3:17
"Long Train Runnin' " (Johnston) – 3:25
"China Grove" (Johnston) – 3:14
"Dark Eyed Cajun Woman" (Johnston) – 4:12
"Clear as the Driven Snow" (Simmons) – 5:18

Side Two

"Without You" (Hartman, Hossack, Johnston, Porter, Simmons) – 4:58
"South City Midnight Lady" (Simmons) – 5:27
"Evil Woman" (Simmons) – 3:17
"Busted Down Around O'Connelly Corners" (James Earl Luft) – 0:48
"Ukiah" (Johnston) – 3:04
"The Captain and Me" (Johnston) – 4:53

Here’s the Doobie’s official video for Long Train Runnin’:

Also, Happy 55th Birthday to Jon Bon Jovi who was born on March 2nd, 1962.

Here's a photo of the birthday boy courtesy of Jimmy O'Sheehan Photography from the Bon Jovi concert last night at the SAP Center in San Jose.


Here's our favorite song to sing during the annual Do Not Drink and Drive Show.

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