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150gatheringmomentum107.7 The Bone and The Breast Cancer Fund have teamed up for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays! One in eight American women will face breast cancer in her lifetime and prevention is the key to stopping this epidemic.

Join Lamont & Tonelli in supporting The Breast Cancer Fund, a national non-profit organization dedicated to breast cancer prevention.

You can help by donating money at any Ta-Ta Tuesday appearance. To date, Boneheads have raised over $105,000 for The Breast Cancer Fund and we're this close to reaching our goal of $107,700!

Here's your chance to do even more:  Become a Monthly Sustainer! Visit

For information on The Breast Cancer Fund, visit, or call 866-760-TBCF.Boneheads rock! Thank you for all of your support. Let's keep Bay Area Ta-Ta's healthy!

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